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A huge number of Indians and expats based in India have been asking whether it is possible to buy lottery tickets online in India – not just tickets for the local lotteries, but rather for the best international ones too. Going through the usual efforts like searching for “play India lottery” usually results in disappointing results for Indian readers. There is now, however, a reputable UK-based international lottery aggregator that allows you to buy lotto tickets online from most countries in the world, including India.

Below is a current sample of some of the biggest lotteries worldwide. These include the US Powerball lottery and the US MegaMillions Lottery, both of which ran into the hundreds of millions of US dollar in 2012. With the Olympics being held in the UK in 2012, there were also a number of special offers on the European lotteries including the popular UK national lottery and the EuroMillions lotto. These three generally represent the largest cumulative lottery jackpots worldwide.

To play any of these lotteries, simply click on any of the current jackpot images on this page, complete the quick sign-up process and then simply pick lotto numbers – it is that easy! Other popular foreign lotteries available to Indian players include the famous UK Lottery, the Italian SuperEna and the Spanish El Gordo:

The following three lotteries, the Brazilian MegaSena, the France Loto and the Australian OzLotto, are newcomers on the block in terms of being available for sale outside their respective countries through this lotto aggregator. Whilst France Loto tends to be a bit more expensive than other international online lotteries, OzLotto is quite the opposite, making it a huge hit particularly with the Indian market.

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If you’re ready to play, select the international lottery you want to purchase tickets for below, pick the draw date from the dropdown box, and choose your lucky numbers! You can also have a set of random numbers automatically selected for you by clicking the QuickPick button. After you have your numbers selected, click on Play and you will be taken to a short registration form to complete and make payment for the lucky numbers you’ve chosen… the process is quick and easy!

For more details on any of these lotteries, the latest jackpots and lottery results you can also visit this website, or if you can’t wait to select your numbers visit this lottery page now instead. As MyPlayWin and other local Indian lottery establishments offer the opportunity to play lottery online for local lotteries, B24 will incorporate those features on this page.

NB: B24’s international lottery data above is provided for information purposes only. As per the caveat on the B24 online casino page, please be sure to check that you are legally entitled to gamble or play lottery online from your jurisdiction before you sign up on any of these websites.